Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How old is the Sri Mahamariamman temple in Section 19?

There seem to be at least two different figures quoted as the age of the Sri Mahamariamman temple in Section 19. The news media seem to believe that the temple is 150 years old, as can be seen in these reports:
However, Hindraf, which was formed to protect (inter alia) Hindu temples from being demolished, has a different figure. In their open letter to the Attorney General way back in June 2007, it is stated that among the thirty one Hindu temples within the Klang Valley that have been threatened with demolishment, is the "Sri Mariaman Temple (109 years old) in Section 19 which has a sacred 100 year old tree given notice to relocate on 18/10/2006." If this is true, then the temple is 111 years old now, and not 150.

So, which age is correct? Is it important? I believe that it is. While a 111 year old temple is just as worthy of protection and preservation as a 150 year old one, inaccurate reporting can be used to impugn the credibility of the people working to preserve the temple, as well as that of its devotees. This has already been done in these two pro-Umno/BN blogs: here and here.

Working to promote the human rights, including the right to freedom of religion, is not made any easier by sloppy reporting.

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