Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Five ISA detainees released - THANK GOODNESS!!! Nine more to go!

(Mat Sah Satray with his son Shuaib. Photograph taken from here)

Mat Sah Mohamad Satray, Dr Abdullah Daud, Mohd Nasir Ismail @ Hassan, Ahmad Kamil Md Hanapiah and Muhammad Amir Md Hanapiah will be released from detention without trial under the Internal Security Act today. En. Mat Sah, who had been detained without trial since April 2002, is the husband of anti-ISA activist Pn. Norlaila Othman, or Kak Laila. She has worked tirelessly with the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA for the freedom of ALL ISA detainees. I'm really happy that Kak Laila and her family, and the families of all those released, will be able to celebrate Aidil Fitri with their loved one after so long.

But her work (and our work too) is far from over. There are nine people still detained under ISA: four Malaysians and one each from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Detention without trial is inherently unjust, and there exist enough laws to allow our law enforcement agencies to investigate, arrest, charge, try in an open court and (if guilty) punish anyone who threatens our national security. If our law enforcement claim to be unable to protect Malaysia's security with the just powers they have been given, I say it is time for their leaders to step down and allow those more capable and committed to do the job.

Furthermore, our ISA has been abused to improperly clamp down on legitimate political activity and expression, even to torture and brainwash detainees into providing false testimony for politically motivated trials. This travesty must be eliminated.

(Kak Laila and son Shuaib, after being arrested during the anti-ISA protest, 1/8/09. Photo from here)

Please support Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA. Here are their principles:
GMI berpegang kepada prinsip bahawa tiada sesiapa pun yang berhak ditahan tanpa bicara. Seseorang itu perlulah di bawa ke mahkamah untuk pengadilan atau dibebaskan. Seseorang itu perlulah dianggap tidak bersalah sebelum dibuktikan bersalah (innocent until proven guilty).

GMI memperjuangkan prinsip-prinsip hak asasi manusia seperti yang termaktub dalam Arktikel 5 dan 10, Perlembagaan Persekutuan

GMI berpegang kepada prinsip bahawa penglibatan dan penggemblengan masyarakat adalah penting untuk melaksanakan perubahan
Repeal the ISA! Justice for all detainees! Close down the Kamunting Detention Camp!

Malaysian Heart

UPDATE: Please read Kak Laila's blog post on their family's Aidil Fitri together here.

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