Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dead cow heads vs. dead political aides?

In response to a post on Malaysia Today titled "Cow’s Head, Pig’s Head, Chicken’s Head and next?" (taken from the Kadayan Journal), a regular MToday contributor and commentator, who uses the handle "batsman", posted the following:
written by batsman, September 03, 2009 09:10:09
Are we now more concerned over assaulted dead cow he*** than assaulted dead political aides?
This is my response to him, which I have posted there:

Batsman wrote: "Are we now more concerned over assaulted dead cow he*** than assaulted dead political aides?"

The cow head incident is cause for deep concern, because:

1) The protesters (in no uncertain terms) threatened violence and bloodshed to solve their "grievances". This could well become a new trend in Malaysia.
2) Their actions were quite obviously done with the intention of insulting the culture and religion of some Malaysians.
3) Such an intention to insult could have been followed by an (equally planned?) reaction which would have played into Umno/BN's hands, by allowing them to justify continuing their high-handedness and unjust laws.

It is made even more serious by the apparent fact that they have been aided and encouraged by our Umno/BN government. It must be seen in the context of Umno/BN's larger strategy of:
1) destabilising PR state governments, to precipitate a BN takeover,
2) causing racial and religious hatred, distrust and fear, so that Malaysians will stop working with each other on issues of national importance, and instead get in line behind the BN party representing their respective race.

To think that it is only about the life or death of a cow is extremely shortsighted and lacking in intelligence.

If Malaysia is to have any hope of being liberated from BN's rule, people and groups who profess to work to that end need to be able to work together on multiple issues, without having petty arguments over which is more worthy of concern. United we stand, divided we live [and die] with BN in power for another 52 years.

(For the record, I believe that it's people who feel insulted, not religions per se. However, people's reactions need to be considered and taken into account)

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